About Solo Restore


About Solo Restore Thai MAssage

Solo Restore is a private massage therapy practice specializing in self-care techniques and massage therapy. At Solo Restore, your therapist speaks with you and asks about your exercise routine, any medical history written on your intake form that needs more clarification, physical discomfort, stress levels, and anything else that she needs to know. We value communication and we strive to build a lasting professional relationship with our clients.


We offer Meditation/ Proper Breathing lessons, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, and Deep Tissue & Thai Massage combo sessions in Gramercy/ Union Square and the Midtown West area of Manhattan, NYC. After your session, we give suggestions/ homework for when you’re at work or home and can discuss the results with your therapist during your next appointment. We believe that change doesn't happen overnight, and massage therapy should never be painful. Our approach is comfortable and effective. Regular massage is extremely beneficial and isn't just a luxury.


Union Square/ Gramercy

We have partnered with a Pilates Studio near Union Square/ Gramercy and offer only Thai Massage sessions at that location. The massage sessions are in an open area, so people may walk by, have conversations, or there may be a class going on during sessions. Please keep in mind that sessions at the studio are not in a traditional and private spa setting. Thai Massage at the studio requires modest and loose fitted clothing, preferably pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. Clients are welcome to utilize the studio for their fitness goals. They have great instructors and they have knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology and have experience with people with injuries. We believe by combining exercise, massage, proper diet and other alternative health care therapies, clients can receive tremendous benefits.

Midtown West

Located in the therapist's home office. This location is for but not limited to past/ current clients and by referral from clients and professional colleagues that have worked with the massage therapist. Sessions at this location are on a case by case basis. The Midtown West location is a private and therapeutic setting and we offer Thai Massage and Deep Tissue, and Deep Tissue & Thai Massage combination sessions. 

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About Jessica Solorzano-Peterson

Jessica is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, and a self-proclaimed Self-care Practitioner. She is also a 200-hour Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher and student.

Jessica has worked for multiple spas across Manhattan and has treated many clients with injuries, pain, or people who simply just wanted to relax. Although she loves what she does, she felt that she was missing something when she was working for others. That something was the need to help clients one on one and to show them how to manage their pain which is impossible when she only had 15 minutes in between clients.

She decided the best way to help people was to work for herself and that’s how Solo Restore Thai Massage started. Solo Restore means to “restore oneself” and her services range from standalone Swedish/ Deep Tissue and Thai Massage to a blend of both the East and West. Her massage therapy approach is comfortable and effective and encourages her clients to communicate from the moment they walk through the door to after their session. She also offers Self-Care lessons that consist of Meditation/ Proper Breathing, stretching lessons, utilizing rubber massage therapy balls, tennis balls and foam rolling. Jessica not only preaches about the importance of self-care, she also practices it and she hopes that anyone who works with her will walk out of a session or two knowing how to take care of their muscles off the Thai mat and massage table. 

When she's not treating her private clients, she works at a spa, practices Karma Yoga at a yoga studio, spends time with her friends, sews, and plays with her cat.

What are our specialties?

Please keep in mind that the key below is only a guide. We encourage everyone to communicate and if you’re unsure, we are happy to answer any questions.

*TH - Thai Massage is recommended.

*DT - Deep Tissue is recommended.

*C - Combination sessions are recommended.

*M - Meditation is recommended.

**Limited flexibility (Along with stretching homework performed at home/ work) - *DT

Insomnia - *DT *TH *M

Stress - *DT *M

Chronic Muscle pain/ discomfort due to overworked muscles - *DT

Minor Muscle pain/ Discomfort *TH , *DT, *C


Headaches - *DT *TH

Knee/ Back/ Shoulders/ Neck Pain - *DT

Abdominal Massage - *TH *DT

Sinus/ Nasal Congestion from allergies/ recent cold. - *DT *TH

Clients have also found relief from their slipped/ bulging discs injuries. - *DT

Meditation and Proper Breathing

** Please keep in mind that Thai Massage does improve flexibility, but we recommend that our clients stretch on a regular basis especially if they are very inflexible to receive the maximum benefits. This is safe for you and your therapist since Thai Massage involves movement and stretches.