Midtown West


Our Midtown location is located at Solo Restore massage therapist’s home. Location is only available for regular clients, past clients, and referrals from professional colleagues/ clients.

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Deep Tissue: Consists of gliding strokes along muscle groups with the use of oil. Our approach is different from what people consider to be Deep Tissue. At Solo Restore, we believe massage should never be painful. The session starts with the therapist encouraging the client to breathe deeply and to continue breathing throughout the whole session. She mindfully adjusts the pressure when needed and uses her forearms, elbows, and hands. We consider Deep Tissue to be the prerequisite to Thai Massage. It allows the client to let go and relax.

Starts at $85 + tax for 60 minutes

Traditional Thai Massage: Created over 2,500 years ago by the Buddha’s physician, Thai Massage consists of the client wearing comfortable clothing and the therapists moves the client into yoga-like stretches, massages energy lines to remove blockages/ restrictions, and Acupressure. Some may find the pressure to be intense if they do not exercise regularly. It’s a great compliment to your exercise routine, and with your own stretching/ yoga practice. Clients will benefit if they’re able to let go and allow the therapist to do the work. **

Starts at $95 + Tax for 60 minutes

Meditation: When we are stressed, our breathing becomes short and fast. A full relaxed breath is long, inhaling and exhaling fully. Meditation teaches us that we are always going to have distractions but practicing on regular basis will help us manage it. Traditionally, in Thai Massage, sessions end in a seated position so the recipient can meditate after their massage. Sessions are short if need be, and this is a great way to utilize the entire breath and to ground you. You may request a short meditation before your session but we recommend that you meditate after. If you would like to add a free meditation to your appointment, please inform your therapist over the phone prior to your appointment date.

Thai-Deep Tissue Combination: Considered to be the best of both worlds. We have two versions of this session. If you find Thai Massage to be too intense, the table version consists of less Thai stretches. Recommended if you cannot turn your head to one side. The mat version allows for more Traditional Thai stretches.**

Starts at $105 + tax for Table, $115 +tax for Mat for 60 minutes

**Longer sessions are recommended for clients who would like a complete session. Shorter sessions will be limited to areas of concern.

Some concerns cannot be resolved in a single session, regular massage is recommended.

Price may change depending on client’s therapeutic needs. All sessions are customized. Packages of 5 are available.